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Health Talk at Confucian Private Secondary School

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

“Prevention is better than cure”.

This famous phrase has been out and about for decades. Whether you are a professional athlete or a weekend warrior, it is important to prevent yourself from getting hurt. However, if unfortunate injuries occur, it is also important to recognise the signs and symptoms of injuries in order to receive appropriate care.

As chiropractors, we encounter a lot of individuals experiencing discomfort due to recent or past sports injuries, hence it is our duty to educate the public to never take sports injuries lightly.

On 15th March 2019, DC Jimmy Tham from Excellence Chiropractic Centre provided a health talk to 70 track and field athletes of Confucian Private Secondary School. The two and a half hour session was broken down into two sections - Signs, symptoms and prevention of sports injuries, and spinal screening.

DC Jimmy started off the session by going through some of the common sports injuries. During this time, the preventative methods, signs and symptoms of different conditions were addressed. Among the methods mentioned was foam rolling, which was demonstrated in detail. In addition, DC Jimmy also introduced the basics of kinesio taping, which could help in the prevention and treatment of sports injuries.

The last hour of this health talk was dedicated to spinal screening. A spinal check was provided by DC Jimmy which included posture analysis, spinal and extremities palpation, and orthopaedic testings. At the end of each spinal check, self-help advice was given.

After a productive afternoon, a group photo was taken to conclude this meaningful health talk.

DC Jimmy going through common sport injuries.

Foam Rolling technique demonstration

Introducing basics of kinesio taping

Spinal check by DC Jimmy

Orthopaedic testing on participants during spinal screening

Group photo with Confucian Private Secondary School’s students and their coach


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