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Healthy Spine, Healthy You

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

You may have heard of this catchphrase as Chiropractors love to use it. However, is it just saying for the sake of convincing a patient? The answer is no. The philosophy of Chiropractic believes that the root of all diseases arises from our spine which is our nervous system. Today, we will dive in on learning about our nervous system and debunk some myths in the meantime as well.

Our body consists of many "systems", 11 to be exact. Each consists of several specific organs. The 11 systems includes, integumentary, skeletal, muscular, nervous, endocrine, cardiovascular, lymphatic, respiratory, digestive, urinary and reproductive. Can you imagine if only one system is affected and how this will eventually impact your daily life? Chiropractors mainly work on the nervous system which is the spine and the brain. We believe that to have an optimal function of all 11 systems, there must be no nerve interference in the spine as the nervous system is responsible for all 11 systems. Quoted from Grey's anatomy textbook, the nervous system controls and coordinates all organs and structures of the human body. If there is an obstruction in the nervous system, this will harm the other systems in the body as messages cannot be relayed properly. In the long run, other systems in the body will be impacted as a result.

Therefore, it is actually the real deal when your chiropractor emphasizes on keeping your spine healthy (absence of nerve interference) as we know the impact it can have on your well-being/health. In fact, many people find that there is a positive impact on symptoms other than joint pain such as, dizziness, headaches, gastric, bloating, and many more. However, this varies from individual to individual as the chronicity of the spinal subluxation also differs. Thus, you may know why your chiropractor emphasizes on maintenance care as it is vital for us to keep our nervous system in a good shape.

Does that mean that i can keep my spine healthy as long as I go for chiropractic care? The answer is yes and no. This is a tricky one as our previous post has mentioned about the causes of subluxations. Therefore, to really maintain a healthy spine, it requires effort from not only your chiropractor, but yourself as well. This can be as simple as changing your lifestyle or changing your bad habits. The food that you consume also plays a major part as well. Do not fret though, this may seem like a overload of information for you guys however, we will be talking about some modifications in the next blogpost that you can do to ensure that we are able to achieve a healthier You.

Excellent spine, excellent health




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