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Low Back Pains are preventable! Learn more about it here

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

Before knowing how to prevent back pain, let us first learn more about our lower back pain. Lower back pain is pain that is in the lower back area that can relate to problems with the lumbar spine, the discs between the vertebrae, the ligaments around the spine and discs, the spinal cord and nerves, muscles of the low back, internal organs of the pelvis and abdomen, or the skin covering the lumbar area. The most common cause of back pain is the misalignment of the vertebra. The image below shows exactly where is our lumbar spine.

Low back pain can be classified into many categories. Among them include Mechanical low back pain. Mechanical pain is the general term that refers to any type of back pain caused by placing abnormal stress and strain on muscles of the vertebral column which is due to misalignment of the vertebra.

Let us now see how we can prevent low back pain. Exercise Strengthening your core muscles are important to provide support for your lower back and to avoid injuries. You can always start with lower-impact exercises such as walking for 3-5km 3 times a week. Proper Lifting When lifting, remember to:

  • Keep a wide base of support. Your feet should be shoulder-width apart.

  • Squat down to lift, bending at the hips and knees only.

  • Slowly lift by straightening your hips and knees (not your back).

  • Hold the load as close to your body as possible, at the level of your belly button.

  • Set down your load carefully, squatting with the knees and hips only.

  • Avoid turning or twisting your body while lifting or holding a heavy object.

Think ergonomically Design your workspace so you don't have to hunch forward to see your computer monitor or reach way out for your mouse. Use a desk chair that supports your lower back and allows you to keep your feet planted firmly on the floor. We hope that this article is beneficial to you. If it is, do share to your friends and family.


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