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Myths about Chiropractic

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

There are many myths when it comes the topic of health and wellness. However, the lack of awareness and knowledge is the reason why some of this myths actually exists. Today, we will be correcting some of the very common myths that we have been hearing lately.

1. Chiropractic care is dangerous

Chiropractic care is not dangerous! Let us clarify that. Although there has been report whereby people has gone received adverse effect from Chiropractic treatment, it is actually due to a pre-existing condition that the patient had rather from the chiropractic adjustment itself. Therefore, we cannot stress enough on why a prior consultation has to be done to really determine if you are suitable for Chiropractic care. An x-ray is also taken before so that we can rule out any pathology in the spine!

2. Chiropractic only helps back pain

This is not true. The fact that it is a popular belief is due to the fact that most of our patients come to us for a back pain issue. Chiropractic can also help with other parts of the body such as the neck, upper back, shoulder, knee, ankle, wrist and hips. We can also make certain adjustments to your posture and nutrition that can subsequently help with overall wellness of your body

3. Chiropractic does not work

Chiropractic does work! In recent years, studies have shown the efficiency of chiropractic care. Many research papers have stated that chiropractic care should be considered first as it produces result in the shortest amount of time with the least adverse effect. However, result do varies from person to person as there are countless number of reason that can hinder recovery.

4. I can adjust myself

No you cannot. There is a reason why Chiropractors have to go through a degree course in order to perform adjustments. We have been adequately trained to find and fix spinal misalignments. Till this day, many chiropractors are still learning and polishing their technique to serve you better. The 'result' that you achieve from 'cracking' your own spine is nothing compared to the meticulous process that your chiropractor has to go through when performing an adjustment. Cracking does not equate to an adjustment!

5. My pain is gone. I am completely healed

No that is not true. Pain is just one of the many symptoms that you experience when you have a misalignment. The fact that your pain has stop does not mean you should stop care. If you only allow the treatment to manage your symptom, you never allowed the body to completely heal the underlying cause of what created the symptom in the first place.

Excellent spine, Excellent health



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