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Posture 2.0

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

Greetings! in our previous post, we discussed on posture and the benefits it can brings us. Today, we will be sharing on some tips regarding on how to maintain your good posture or how to have a good posture. Good posture is not only during when you are sitting/standing, it is how you position yourself when you sit, stand, lie down or even bending forward. Let us begin shall we?


It is natural for us to to give in and slouch from time to time due to gravity. This is especially when we are busy or even tired. To be honest, slouching is inevitable. However it is important for us to maintain good posture when we are standing. To do so, keep your weight on the balls of your feet (heel), knees slightly bent and your feet positioned about a shoulder-width apart. If you are standing correctly, your legs should be straight but not locked. This may not be easy for you at first, and this is why it is important for us to have a decent core strength.


It is pretty difficult is sit in a proper posture all day especially for office workers. Inevitably, you will get tired and fatigue, therefore hunching forward and will easily result to 'text neck'. To have a good posture while sitting at your desk, it is important for you to keep your back straight and prevent your shoulders from rolling forward. The ideal is to keep the weight evenly distributed with both feet on the ground. The height of your chair should allow your knees to naturally bend at a 90 degree angle. Do not ever cross your legs while sitting. The general rule is never sit for more than 30 minutes at a time. Take frequent breaks and this will help your posture in the long run. Another alternative is to get a exercise ball. Sitting on an exercise ball will strengthen your core and you will be slightly more aware of your posture while sitting.


It is quite a common incident whereby someone hurt their lower back while lifting an object. The key to prevent injury while lifting is to reduce the sprain on our spine. We can do so by maintaining an upright posture, and bending the knees and hips while engaging your abdominals muscles (core) to lift any heavy objects. Also, move closer to the object as being closer means that you will put less force on your lower back. As you move the load, be sure to do so by turning with your feet, not with your lower back.


The design of cars can make it pretty difficult for us to sit upright. Nevertheless, we should try our best to do so while driving. You could place a lumbar support if that feels comfortable for you. Some individual may find it uncomfortable and should avoid doing so as comfort should come first while driving. The seat should not be too near the steering wheel so that your arms can move easily and not compress the shoulders together. Position your seat so that your knees are higher than your hips.

Last but not least.

Do get adjusted and make sure to attend your maintenance sessions as advised by your chiropractor. Do not wait till something becomes severe before going to your chiropractor. Getting adjusted regularly will help with your posture as well! It does not make sense to only service your car when it breaks down in the middle of the road right? Of course! So, do treat your spine and health with care and it will take care of you.

This will be the last post of 2020 and we will be sharing more health tips in the coming 2021. From everyone at Excellence Chiropractic, we wish you a Happy New Year and we cannot wait to continue to provide care for your spine and health!

Excellent spine, Excellent health



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