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Sciatica 2.0

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

In our previous post, we have discussed on what sciatica is, what causes sciatica, how does sciatica develop and the symptoms of sciatica. Today we will be sharing on the holistic and natural way to treat sciatic pain with the combination of Chiropractic and Physiotherapy. Let's get started!


Usually we will start off by understanding the nature of the problem itself by asking a series of questions. The chiropractor will also have to rule out red flags such as spinal stenosis which can also cause sciatica. In chiropractic philosophy, vertebral subluxation is the most common cause of sciatica. You may wonder how or why. Fret not as we will be explaining it to you. Sciatica is the compression of the sciatic nerve which is branched from the lumbar and sacral nerves. Therefore, if there is any form of vertebral subluxation in the lumbar or even sacral segments, there will also be compression of that particular area which leads to 'sciatica'. Vertebral subluxation can easily be caused by trauma, poor posture or repetitive actions.

Sciatica is the symptom of the subluxation and Chiropractors are essentially treating the subluxation which will in return help with your 'sciatica'. Cool isn't it? Chiropractors are trained in finding and correcting spinal subluxation. A hands on method which is called 'adjustment' will be performed to the area that has subluxation. With the subluxation cleared, the compression of the sciatic nerve will no longer be present and most likely your symptoms will also be cleared. However, the healing process of every individual is different and some individual may take more a longer time to heal.


When the symptoms of sciatica starts to fade away and you are feeling much better, you will be advised to do some home exercise at home. This is to strengthen the spine and muscles of the lower back, abdomen, buttocks and hip. With a stronger spine and muscles, the chances of hurting your lower back will be minimized as well.

Take home message

Therefore, the combination of Chiropractic and Physiotherapy is one way of dealing with sciatica. One thing is for sure, our treatment is non-invasive and totally natural. Healing is an inside job isn't it?

We hope that this can give clarity even if you do not suffer from sciatica. Please share this knowledge to your friends and family that are suffering from sciatica. If you still have any doubt, contact us and our team will be gladly to answer your questions and help you along the way.

Take care, stay safe and do look forward to our next post!!

Excellent spine, Excellent health

Jayden Chien


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