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What is Chiropractic

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

To break it down, the word chiropractic is a combination of two greek words. "Chiro" means done by hand and "praktikos' means practice. Therefore, the word chiropractic simply means a practice that is done by hands only. Currently, there are roughly about only 300 chiropractors in Malaysia and it is still a very new profession. Thus, it is quite common when the public ask about chiropractic. Many will say that it is, "tit-tar", or even bone setting. Is it true though? Is chiropractic only about cracking bones and joints? Today, we will dive in to know a little more about this profession of ours and what an adjustment can actually do to your body and nervous system.

Essentially, what chiropractors are actually finding on your spine is "subluxation". In chiropractic term, subluxation means a misalignment of a partial vertebral segment with nerve interference. How is subluxation giving symptoms such as back pain and neck pain? And how does it affect the organs or even your nervous system? To understand better, we will go through the entire process of the term "subluxation".

When a misalignment occurs, inflammation will take place. The inflammation then causes swelling in the joint and the extra fluid from the disc will essentially compress on some part of the nerve. When part of the nerves are being compress, it can affect many things. It will cause localised tenderness in the joint itself and also affect the musculature around the area. If the problem is not rectify correctly and it becomes a chronic issue, then it may affect the function of organs. Bloating, tinnitus, dizziness are some example of symptoms from having subluxation in the spine.

Therefore, the role of a chiropractor is to treat your "subluxation" so that the body is out of nerve interference which will then result in natural healing. Healing can only occur when there is a clear pathway between the brain and spinal cord. Our philosophy believes that the power that made the body has the capabilities to heal the body as long as there is no nerve interference.

In a nutshell, the next time you visit your chiropractor, it is not just the mere "cracking and "popping" of your spine but the process in allowing you to function at your best at a regular basis

I hope this article does give you a better understanding in the profession of Chiropractic!

More articles coming up!


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